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Oh, The Things We Lie About On Dating Profiles

Young man taking off a mask
Young man taking off a mask

Oh, The Things We Lie About On Dating Profiles

Top ten lies told by men:

  1. Job

Men know that financial reliability is important to women. In fact, the point was proven in a study conducted by which found that one out of every two women want to know a man’s employment status on the very first date.

  1. Height

Short men get a raw deal when it comes to online dating with only 1.2 women responding to men less than 5ft 9 inches tall. Yes, for women, size really does matter. If you have a lot to offer albeit in a tiny package try online dating website such as Shorter Singles

  1. Weight

It is becoming increasingly common for overweight men to underestimate their weight, and obese men are even more likely to do this. The less the average ideal weight is, the more likely people are to do so. Men can also be in denial about their weight or not know their accurate weight.

  1. Physique

Men commonly lie about their physique because they consider themselves as being more attractive to women if they are fit and in shape. Not only do the lie to women, they are prone to lying to themselves. Men naturally take pride in their physical and athletic abilities, even if they are not as fit to the degree that they believe.

  1. Money

As far as dating is concerned, a man’s honour is not his word but, in fact, lies within his wallet. They are wise to the fact that women want to know if he will be able to provide for them. Even a man in his early twenties is expected to make a fairly decent living or they hit pay dirt. Fair enough but if you suspect that you have a gold digger on your hands steer them to the likes of . Both sites boast millionaires and professional businessmen and women.

  1. Work Status

Men are nobody’s fools when it comes to online dating. They know that generally women are searching for a man who is in a good career so it is hardly surprising that they exaggerate about the importance of their job in order to reel in a lady.

  1. Interesting Profession

No one wants to talk about the boring job that they hate. The poor creatures believe that stretching the truth to make their profession seem more intriguing makes them seem more interesting, too. Men need to get a grip. Say, for example, that you may in IT right now, in a few years from now you could be an APP billionaire. Add that to your profile.

  1. Celebrities On Speed Dial

So you claimed that you hang out with the likes of It is common for men to lie about celebrities as it makes them seem more appealing and attractive to the opposite sex. Anyone who knows a celebrity automatically is seen as someone who has connections, status, and prestige. It is a simple lie to gain a lot of positive attributes. How long can you keep up the pretence

  1. Relationship Status

Another surprisingly common lie for a man to tell on a dating website is that he has a personal assistant at his beck and call. If you are married and nothing more than a dirty cheat, try or Ashley Madison which boasts over 30 million subscribers. That is a lot of extra-martial hanky-panky!

  1. Film Industry

There is an abundance of glamour and rank associated with the film industry. Anyone working in it is quite possibly affiliated with famous people and the luxuries that come with popularity, reputation, and influence. Many women would be very attracted to these characteristics and charms.


Top ten lies told by women:

  1. Weight

Thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian, these days men are more appreciative of the goodness that comes with a juicy rear end. And yet for many women, carrying extra weight can be embarrassing and is a confidence killer. It is little wonder that most do not want to highlight their true size publicly. If you are a man or woman on the big side or you like your dates with a bit more than a handful there are websites out there with plus sized gold.

  1. Age

Most men are ageist (admit it, Gents!) and believe women are out to rot when they hit a certain age. Faster than a bee-stung stallion, they hit the maximum age button on their restricted search before you can find them online. Well, if a youthful man is what you seek, there is no need to hide the inner cougar. Young eye candy can be found on . Along the way we stumbled across and had to mention it because despite the unfortunate name it has actually got some attractive members online.

3 Physique

Having a healthy, toned physique can be appealing to the opposite sex, and women know that. Fibbing a little about their appearance does not seem like such a bad idea when it could attract so many more potential companions. It is the explanation when you meet your date face-to-face for the first time is the tricky part.

4 Height

Who would have thought that women lie about their height? It seems that some women may round down by a few inches to seem more petite and more appealing to a man who likes short girls, but some may round up if they are insecure about being short and want to seem taller.

5 Money

Money is a huge part of a relationship, and this is something both men and women understand when it comes to dating. A woman who can provide and take care of herself is very appealing as a man knows that this is a woman who does not want to ride his gravy train.

6 Breast Size

There are enough women online with their cleavage hanging out to come to the safe conclusion that big boobs attract more men. Unsurprisingly, those that cannot flaunt what they do not have, they will lie about it.

7 Glamorous Profession

What man does not want to boast to his mates that he his dating a model, flight attendant or any other job that basically translates to ‘I’m dating a hottie’. None. Women know this. If she tells you she’s a make up artist, check that she is really not behind the make up counter at the local discount pharmacy.

8 Celebrities Best Friend

We would all like to hang out with Kate Moss and her gang. Your lady may claim this but she is probably not even a fly on the wall. Tell your potential date that you cannot believe that Moss could be as beautiful as her and you want an introduction to confirm. Watch her squirm or disappear.

  1. Having a PA

A woman who has a PA is likely a very intelligent and caring individual, who may also make a good salary. The medical industry is full of benefits which make it an admirable, and desirable career. As viewed from the outside of the profession, being a PA carries with it a lot of attractive qualities which men are likely to appreciate.

  1. Working In Entertainment

If a woman is working in the field of entertainment chances are she is very talented, beautiful, and charming. Entertainment carries a lot of prominence and esteem and the woman will likely be viewed in light of her job. Insecurity is a likely cause to compel a woman to lie about her career if she feels her current job is inferior or uninteresting.
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