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Why You Should Not Bother Dating A Married Man Or Woman

Dating A Married Man Or Woman
Dating A Married Man Or Woman

So you have found yourself having a ranchy affair with a married man or woman, huh?

Why You Should Not Bother Dating A Married Man Or Woman

At first, it might have been just a bit of fun. You hung in there because the sex was great. Then feelings started to creep in and now you spend all your time pining for him or her, wondering why the phone does not ring; staring at it, hoping that it will ring. When you are together you talk about the amazing future that you will have together. You can taste it.

Then one day, out of the blue, your lover leaves you. He or she may go back to the wife or husband. He or she may even have found somebody newer than you and still refuses to leave their spouse. You feel deceived and dejected. Now you are wondering how you got sucked into this in the first place? Here’s how:

Phrases They Use To Suck You In

They Say: We are getting a divorce.
The Ugly Truth: We are still married (and perhaps have no intention of separating).

They Say: The relationship is over.
The Ugly Truth: Their partner does not know this and they are still sharing a bed.

They Say: We no longer have sex.
The Ugly Truth: We have great sex but I want more and with you (for now)!

They Say: He or she does not understand me.
The Ugly Truth: I want my cake and to eat it too!

The Best You Hope From A Married Man Or Woman

If you date a married man or woman, the best you can hope for from this relationship is:

1. Secret Meetings Only

He or she spins you the line that he or she does not want their partner to find out about your relationship until the time is right. That right time may well mean not until after their youngest child has left home to go to college.

2. Special Events On Your Own

Your married man or woman will have no plausible excuse in the world that will explain to their partner why he or she cannot spend Christmas and all other holidays with his or her family (and spend it with you). Be prepared to spend birthdays and all other special occassions without your lover by your side.

3. Many Cancelled Dates

If he or she has kids, then you are really stuffed because their offspring are likely to be the reason that they will use as to why your lover have cancelled yet another date. When one of the little darlings gets sick (again) it will always be you who will be put onto the back burner. If you have the audacity to complain then you are likely to be given the self-righteousness line of ‘You know I love my kids. They will always come first’.

When your relationship with a married man or woman ends, and it will, it will dawn on you that you have been off the market for a long time. There will be broken dreams and promises that never crosses your mind at the beginning. It will take you a while to get over it, but you will. Sadder but wiser.

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