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Get the Guy: Secrets of Attraction


Get the Guy: Secrets of Attraction: Kickstart Your LoveLife & Find Mr Right

Having trouble meeting the right guys?

Discover How Over 15,000 Women Finally Had The Aha Moment With Their Love Lives And Now Understand What They’ve Been Doing Wrong With Men…

If you’re single and wondering why you never meet guys that you’re attracted to OR you seem to always attract the wrong guys then you’re not alone.

You’re probably feeling frustrated if not angry knowing that each day that passes you by you’re wasting time, when you should be finding guys that you ACTUALLY want to meet and date. It’s incredibly annoying.

The thing is though, there are several reasons why you’re not meeting the right kind of guys, from bad habits and old beliefs to deep routed emotions and even your social circle… but for most women there is just one or two areas which hold them back from having the love life they want.

This event promises to show you how surprisingly simple it is to re-energise your love life and get it back on track quickly. An introductory live event “The Secrets of Attraction”, will show you the beginning elements to take control of your love life and have fun whilst you’re doing it!

So what they say that you are going to learn on this event:

From men and dating to texting and sex – in this 7-hour event we’ve jam packed the best tried and tested methods that will transform your love life. We share with you the secrets of the male mind and answer the questions that men won’t answer. Every woman should know this stuff.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, casually dating, in a relationship or even married. Maybe you’ve read our book, watch our online programs or watch us on YouTube. And that’s great. But there’s something powerful about this LIVE event which can’t be captured any other way, it’ll inspire and re-energise you in a way that at-home things just can’t do. It’s like listening to a song at home vs being at the concert – same song but totally different experiences.

Here’s just a snippet of what you will learn, broken down into 3 areas:

  • How to get back in control of your love life
  • Where to meet guys & attract the guys you want
  • The psychology of men – delving inside the male mind

And this is ONLY the introductory course!
Same day ticket transfer… absolutely NO RISK!

NOTE: This talk is presented by Steve Hussey and is for ladies only.

If you want to see Matthew Hussey, then buy your tickets HERE for 19th September.

Kick Start Your Love Life TODAY… Reserve Your Seat For Only £29!

Can’t make the event? No worries, check out Matthew Hussey’s book: Get the Guy: Use the Secrets of the Male Mind to Find, Attract and Keep Your Ideal Man